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Welcome to the Anasethesia and Critical Care Page. 

Fannin’s Anasethesia and Critical Care Division provides innovative and high quality products for health professionals in the clinical areas of Interventional Radiology, MRI, Intravenous Devices, Oncology Closed Systems, Anaesthesia, Airway and Pain Management Systems.Through our Clinical Team, we partner with world renowned medical device manufacturers, including ICU Medical, Smiths Medical, Teleflex and Prodol Meditec, and together we provide a complete solution including clinical training and maintenance backup.

Dedicated product educators lead our training with in-depth product knowledge and the best evidence-based practice. If you are interested in receiving training or consulting with a product specialist, please contact us at or complete the contact form below.
Furthermore, our YouTube channel offers a wide range of short educational videos that allow our customers and clients flexible access to product training demonstrations.

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