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Fannin would like to announce that  Mepilex Border is now changing to Mepilex® Border Comfort and Mepilex® Border Comfort Lite, familiar products with enhanced properties.

To avoid disruption to your patients, please upgrade to Mepilex® Border Comfort and Mepilex® Border Comfort Lite, which are designed to stay on and uniquely conform, thanks to their unique combination of Flex Technology and Safetac®.


A History of Innovation


The Comfort Family:
Familiar products, 
enhanced properties

Health care professionals have trusted the proven all-in-one foam dressing Mepilex® Border for years. The New Mepilex® Border Comfort Family is an evolution of this, thanks to is unique combination of Flex Technology and Safetac®. It is designed to conform and stay on, aiming to give time back to nurses, realise cost saving for managers and improve quality of life for patients.1  2 

As a patient’s wound heals, the levels of exudate rise and fall, and so do the demands from the dressing. When dealing with a smaller, less exuding wound or a wound located on a challenging contour, a lite dressing could be a perfect fit. New Mepilex® Border Comfort Lite introduces Flex Technology into bordered foam lite dressings, allowing the dressing to stay on and uniquely conform.

Mepilex® Border Comfort family now has you covered for all stages of wound healing.


It's time for change

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Introducing proprietary Flex Technology

This cutting-edge Flex technology enables the 360° stretch in Mepilex Border Comfort, thanks to patent-pending Y-cuts in the retention and spreading layers. 

Unique Flex Technology = 360Flexibility

Thanks to Flex Technology, the unique conformability of Mepilex Border Comfort allows it to adapt to the shape and movement of the patient. 3  Reducing pressure on the skin and pull on the borders increases comfort and minimizes the risk of detachment. 6 



Smart Exudate Management


Rapid absorption with minimal swelling:

The foam layer allows rapid absorption of both normal and viscous exudate 1  2  and it is better at handling exudate than comparable dressings. 3  


Traps bacteria away from the wound:*

The superabsorbent fibres in the retention layer prevent exudate containing bacteria from re-entering the wound bed, even under compression. 6  Backing film prevents entry of external bacteria. 7 

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Maximises capacity by channelling exudate:

Exudate is channelled away from the wound and over a wider area to increase moisture vapour loss and reduce swelling. 4  5 



Tracks exudate without dressing removal:

The Exudate Progress Monitor allows the spread of exudate to be objectively assessed and recorded, without disturbing the wound. 8 


Old Codes

New Codes

Old Code Brand Name Size (cm) New Code Brand Name Size (cm) Pack Size
295266-00 Mepilex Border 7 X 7.5 596211-00 Mepilex Border Comfort  7.5 x 7.5 10
295366-00 Mepilex Border 10 x 10.5 596311-00 Mepilex Border Comfort  10 x 10 10
295466-00 Mepilex Border 15 x 17.5 596411-00 Mepilex Border Comfort  15 x 15 10
295660-00 Mepilex Border 17 x 20 596611-00 Mepilex Border Comfort  15 x 20 10
295800-02 Mepilex Border 10 x 20 596800-01 Mepilex Border Comfort  10 x 20 10
295900-01 Mepilex Border 10 x 30 596900-01 Mepilex Border Comfort  10 x 30 10
281000-01 Mepilex Border Lite 4 x 5 582011-00 Mepilex Border Comfort Lite 4 x 5 10
281166-00 Mepilex Border Lite 5 x 12.5  582111-00 Mepilex Border Comfort Lite  5 x 12.5 10
281266-00 Mepilex Border Lite 7.5 x 7.5 582211-00 Mepilex Border Comfort Lite 7.5 x 7.5 10
281366-00 Mepilex Border Lite 10 x 10.5 582311-00 Mepilex Border Comfort Lite 10 x 10 10
281566-00 Mepilex Border Lite 15 x 15 582511-00 Mepilex Border Comfort Lite 15 x 15 10
283300-00 Mepilex Border Flex 13 x 16 583300-00 Mepilex Border Flex Oval 13 x 16 5
283400-00 Mepilex Border Flex 15 x 19 583400-00 Mepilex Border Flex Oval 15 x 19 5


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