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  • Provides active disinfection for up to 7 days if not removed
  • SwabArt® is compatible with the EN ISO 80369-7-standard
  • Compatible with all swabable needle-free valves
  • All materials are sterile and latex-free
  • Strip design allows hanging on drip poles
  • Supplied in boxes of 25 strips of 10 disinfecting caps or as 250 individual disinfecting caps

     *Available in UK only

SwabArt Disinfection Cap White Paper
SwabArt Disinfection Cap Brochure


Research has shown that within two minutes of use, SwabArt® Disinfection Caps achieved a >99.99% reduction of five microorganisms commonly associated with catheter related blood stream infections. Not only do they disinfect needle-free valves but SwabArt® Disinfection Caps also protect valves from any microbial contamination and growth, safely for up to 7 days.

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Order Details



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