International VacSax Distributor Training Module 

Includes training videos, product brochures, product launches and sample request forms 

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, VacSax is the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of disposable suction systems.

Based in Plymouth and employing over 50 people, VacSax has the largest and most comprehensive product range available in the disposable suction market.   The business has an innovative and expanding product base and a strong track record of growth.

From product design through to dispatch VacSax is unrivalled in its dedication to excellence. Our customer service team is always on hand to provide rapid and accurate information and to answer any question a customer may have.     


VacSax Product Literature 

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BactiClear Training Videos  

1 Litre VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial Suction Liner
3 Litre VacSax Bacticlear Antimicrobial Suction Liner
2 Litre VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial Ward Liner
2 Litre VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial Suction Liner
VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial Cascade/Tandem System 16 Litre Capacity 2 x 4 Canister Set Up
VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial 8 x 2 Litre Cascade/Tandem System
4 x 3 Litre Cascade/Tandem System, VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial
VacSax BactiClear Antimicrobial Suction Liners - Single set up


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